Cảm biến lưu lượng Keyence FD-G125L

Clamp-On Gas Flow Meter DN 100A/125A
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Chất lượng: Mới 100%
Bảo hành: Chính hãng
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Báo giá
Pipe sizeDN (Diameter Nominal)100 A, 125 A
NPS (Nominal Pipe Size)4″, 5″
Outer diameter of pipeø111 to 117 mm 4.37″ to 4.61″, ø138 to 144 mm 5.43″ to 5.67″
Pipe thickness2.1 to 5.0 mm 0.08″ to 0.2″
Supported pipe materialsIron, steel, stainless steel
Supported fluidsAir, Nitrogen, other gases*1
Fluid temperature0 to 60ºC 32 to 140 °F
Recommended pressure0.4 MPa or greater (58 PSI or greater)
Rated velocity of flow rangeUp to 15 m/s
Actual flow rate range (typical)m3/hPipe size 100 A: 470.0Pipe size 125 A: 720.0
L/minPipe size 100 A: 7800Pipe size 125 A: 12000
CFMPipe size 100 A: 280.00Pipe size 125 A: 420.00
Standard flow rate range (typical) [CFM]20°C 68°F 60 psi 0.41 MPaPipe size 100 A: 1326.34Pipe size 125 A: 1989.51
20°C 68°F 80 psi 0.55 MPaPipe size 100 A: 1681.49Pipe size 125 A: 2522.23
20°C 68°F 100 psi 0.69 MPaPipe size 100 A: 2036.63Pipe size 125 A: 3054.95
20°C 68°F 120 psi 0.83 MPaPipe size 100 A: 2391.78Pipe size 125 A: 3587.67
DisplayQVGA 2.2″ LCD color monitor
Display update cycleApprox. 3 Hz
Display resolutionInstantaneous flow rate0.1 m3/h, 1 L/min, 0.1 CFM
Consumption/leakage amount0.1 m3, 1 L, 1 CF
Response time1.0 s/2.5 s/5.0 s/10.0 s/30.0 s/60.0 s/120.0 s/200.0 s (variable)
Measurement accuracyBetween 10 and 100% of F.S.±2.0% of RD*2*3*4*5
Between 1 and 10% of F.S.±1.0% of F.S.*2*3*4*5
Zero point error±0.15% of F.S.*2*6
Static leakage repeatability±1.0% of RD*4*7
Flow unitsCFM(S), CFM, m3/h (N), m3/h (S), m3/h, L/min (N), L/min (S), L/min
I/O wiring connection portM12 4-pin connector (male)
Detection mode (switchable)ch.1Instantaneous flow mode/area mode/pulse (+) mode/integrated flow mode/warning mode (consump)*8
ch.2Instantaneous flow mode/area mode/pulse (−) mode/warning mode (leak)/error output mode/analog output/integrated flow reset/flow rate zero input/origin adjustment input*8
Standard I/O (switchable)Control output (ch.1/ch.2)NPN/PNP setting switchable, open collector output 30 VDC or less, max. 100 mA/ch, residual voltage: 2.5 V or less
Analog output (ch.2)4 to 20 mA/0 to 20 mA, load resistance: 500 Ω or less
External input (ch.2)Short-circuit current: 1.5 mA or less, input time: 20 ms or more
Protection circuitPower supply reverse connection protection, power supply surge protection, short-circuit protection for each output, surge protection for each output
Analog input (for volume conversion)M8 4-pin connector (female), analog current input (4 to 20 mA), input resistance: 100Ω or less
Power supplied to pressure sensorSupply voltage: Equivalent to voltage applied to the FD-G, Supply current:70 mA or less (analog output of the pressure sensor included)
Communication interfaceUSBUSB 2.0
EthernetStandardIEEE 802.3u (100BASE-TX)
Transmission rate100 Mbps
CableCategory 5 or higher STP (shielded twisted pair) or UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable
ConnectorM12 connector (female, D-code)
Network functionModbus TCP, EtherNet/IPTM, IO-Link*9
Recording capacityConsumption amount/ leakage amountApprox. 5 years
Power supplyPower voltage20 to 30 VDC including 10% ripple (P-P), Class 2
Power consumption350 mA or less at 20 V, 290 mA or less at 24 V, 230 mA or less at 30 V (load current excluded) (analog output of the pressure sensor excluded),550 mA or less at 20 V, 490 mA or less at 24 V, 430 mA or less at 30 V (Maximum load current excluded) (analog output of the pressure sensor excluded)
Environmental resistanceEnclosure ratingIP65/67 (IEC 60529)*10
Ambient temperatureDetection head: −10 to +60°C 14 to 140°F (no freezing), display unit: −10 to +55°C 14 to 131°F (no freezing)
Relative humidity5 to 85%RH (no condensation)
Vibration resistance10 to 500 Hz, power spectral density: 0.816 G2/Hz, XYZ axes
Shock resistance100 m/s2, 16 ms pulse, XYZ axes, 1000 times for each axis
MaterialDisplay unitBody: PBT + coating, display: PMMA, Power supply port: SUS304-equivalent, Ethernet port: zinc nickel plating
Detection headBody: PPS/SUS304, rear surface: rubber
Mounting/damping bracketSUS304
WeightApprox. 2.7 kg
*1 The gas must be uniform and capable of transmitting ultrasonic waves. Measurement may be unstable due to the pressure inside of the pipe and the type of gas.*2 This value is guaranteed by KEYENCE inspection facilities. Errors will be introduced by factors such as the type and status of the pipe and the type and temperature of the gas.*3 This is the value when considering linearity + span error in a stable environment with a temperature of 25°C 77°F.*4 Defined with stable velocity of flow distribution. Does not include pulsations and fluctuations in the velocity of flow distribution primarily attributable to the equipment.*5 The linearity error characteristic due to the pipe is not included in this value.*6 It is possible to reduce zero point errors by performing an origin adjustment.*7 This is the value within the range where measurement accuracy is guaranteed.*8 When Bi-directional is specified, the following functions cannot be used. The selection of the comparison view/leak ratio view/static leakage, the measurement/display of the leakage amount/integrated flow, the setting of the target value/warning set value, and money conversions. Also, the I/O settings are limited as shown below.• ch.1: Pulse(+) mode• ch.2: Pulse(-) mode, Error output mode, Integrated flow reset, Flow zero input, Origin adjustment input*9 IO-Link: Compatible with specification v1.1/COM1 (4.8 kbps). IO-Link is a trademark or registered trademark of PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO).*10 The IP65/67 enclosure rating is lost when a USB connection is established.

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