Sensor BST CCD CAM 100

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BST eltromat International offers various digital sensors that scan the web touch-free by registering contrasts in light.

The BST eltromat CCD CAM 100 sensor is especially suitable for the digital scanning of print lines, print edges, or web edges, and for the web center-line guiding and web width measuring. A CCD CAM 100 can recognize up to eight contrast transitions.

CCD CAM 100 at a Glance

  • Resolutions of up to 60,000 pixels through the microprocessor-controlled CCD chip
  • Various objectives for adjusting the measurement area of the application
  • Camera parameters adaptable to a change of material during operation (no changeover time)
  • Fast set-up and adjustment through the integrated graphic display
  • Simple operation through numerous automatic functions (e.g. suppression of interfering contrasts, contamination compensation, white balance, saving of the set-up values)
  • Fast and secure transfer of the production and parameter settings through networking via the BST eltromat bus system
  • Areas of application:
    • Digital scanning of web edges, print edges, or print lines
    • Web center-line and web width measuring
    • Control of tools (such as the tracking of cutting blades, etc.)

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