USB extension Beckhoff CU8800

Giá: 8.000.000  Thị trường: 10.000.000  (Giảm -20%)

Mã hàng:CU8800| Hãng:Beckhoff | Xuất xứ: Germany

Dịch vụ kèm theo:
✓ Lập trình & sửa chữa PLC theo yêu cầu
✓ Lắp đặt & vận hành tận nơi
✓ Hỗ trợ kỹ thuật trọn đời
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Danh mục:

The USB specification allows a distance of 5 m between the PC and the USB devices. A further 5 m of cable can be added by using a USB hub. In the construction of machines and plants, larger distances must be bridged without having to insert a USB hub every 5 m. The CU8800 USB Extender sends the USB signal via a CAT 5 cable that can be up to 50 m long to the CU8850 USB Extended receiver, which converts the signal back to USB. Both USB Extender boxes are designed for DIN rail mounting. The CU8800 transmitter is powered by the PC. The CU8850 receiver has an integrated 24 V DC power supply unit. Data rates of up to 12 Mbit/s can be transmitted.

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