Yaskawa PS-02 Power Module


Mã hàng:PS-02 | Hãng: Yaskawa | Xuất xứ: Japan

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Yaskawa CP-9200SH Series Industrial Control PLC’s

  • Integrated Controller
  • Incorporates All Functions for General Machine Control
  • Optimum High Class Controller for Industrial Machinery
  • Performs High Speed Complete Synchronized Operation


The CP9200SH is an integrated controller which combines sequence control and motion control, incorporating all necessary functions for general machine control. It is an optimum high class controller for industrial machinery which performs high speed, complete synchronized operation. The modular design is organized into modules for each function. The basic configuration consists of a power module, CPU module, and an SVA module. Adding various types of other modules to this basic configuration makes it possible to expand your system.

Programming is achieved using ladder programs or SFC language. Operation and maintenance are simple.

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