Cáp Quang Taiyo KPLG-300


Mã hàng:KPLG-300 | Hãng: TAIYO | Xuất xứ: JAPAN

Báo giá
Danh mục:

Color register system  Optical Fiber Taiyo KPLG-300 DT-950,DT-2000,DT-3000

1.Specially equipped with Japan Taiyo color register control system  DT-860MII, DT-950MII,DT-2000,DT-3000.

2.High light transparency, steady surface, anti-corrosion, durable, and it’s technique is in line with the imported Japan cable!

3.Easy to maintain, we can also maintain the imported Japan cable, too.

4.Quality guaranteed for over one year!

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