Rexroth HDS032-W075N

Giá: 64.000.000  Thị trường: 80.000.000  (Giảm -20%)

Mã hàng: HDS03.2-W075N | Hãng:Bosch Rexroth | Xuất xứ: Germany

Báo giá

Technical Specs:
Product Group: HDS
Line: 3
Version: 2
Cooling Type: Air, internal (with built-in
Rated Current: 75 A
Other Versions: None
Controller Family: DIAX04
Command Communication: Factory Assigned
Function ID Code: Factory Assigned
Version of Function ID: Factory Assigned
About the Product
Exchange Credit
The Bosch Rexroth Indramat HDS servo drive is comprised of a base unit drive controller, a command
communications module, a software module, provision for up to 3 additional plug-in modules and a
configuration type plate. Features include a Rated Current of 75 A and a Cooling Type of Air, internal (with
built-in blower), as well as a Controller Family of DIAX04 and a Factory Assigned Command

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