Controller Rexroth PPC-R22.1N

Giá: 174.080.000  Thị trường: 217.000.000  (Giảm -20%)

Mã hàng:PPC-R22.1N-T-V2-NN-NN-FW| Hãng:Bosch rexroth| Xuất xứ:Germany

Báo giá

Bộ điều khiển Servo Driver của Bosch Rexroth.

Servo Controller P/N:PPC-R22.1N-T-V2-NN-NN-FW


Hãng:Bosch rexroth

Xuất xứ:Germany

The PPC-R unit is a powerful controller in a small size in IP 20 rating. It is
a general-purpose platform that works as a PLC or as an NC controller,
depending on the application and the loaded software.
The PPC-R unit exists with two enclosure versions of different width. A
single-width version and a double-width version.
The two interfaces that are available on the controller are fully connected
according to the Indramat standard (SIS = Serial Indramat Interface). The
data transfer type (function) is only selected by the related application
(RS232/RS422/RS485). With PPC-R01, the COM interface is brought out
via a separate slot plate if this has not yet been assigned for a different
purpose (by the PC/104 Field bus, for example).

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